Monday, May 1, 2017

Congratulations, Mr. Feinsinger!

Please join us in congratulating Mr. Mark Feinsinger on being named the Staff Member of the Month for April here at JTHS. Mr. Feinsinger has become such an influential member of the Falcon Family. From his soothing demeanor and commitment to health & wellness to his dedication to his students, we can all agree it is a pleasure to work with Mr. Feinsinger.

Here’s just a few things the Falcon Family has to say about Mr. Feinsinger:

"Mark is always incredibly calm and understanding. He brings positive energy to his classroom and students always comment on how much they love having him as a teacher."

"Mr. Feinsinger works hard to make sure his students are invested in learning. During an after school review session, he had an overflowing classroom of students eager to prepare for the assessment."

"He designs lessons using real-world examples, enabling the students to see "why" they are learning what they are learning! He is an outstanding role model."

"Mark's yoga classes are the best I've ever attended. He's so patient and nurturing."

"Mark volunteers his free time to help improve the health and well-being of our staff. He offers friendly advice ad a positive (and serene) outlook on our workplace!"

Mr. Feinsinger will keep the falcon statue for the entire month. Congratulations on this awesome achievement, Mr. Feinsinger!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Falcon Pride - Issue 6

Falcon Pride - Volume 1 Issue 6

Congratulations, Mrs. Kircher!

Please join us in congratulating Mrs. Lori Kircher on being named Staff Member of the Month for March. She works tirelessly as a physical education, health, and athletic training teacher to provide the best of herself to her students. Mrs. Kircher has also been instrumental in helping new teachers to fill in as substitutes for phys ed.

Here's a few things the staff has to say about Mrs. Kircher:

"Mrs. Kircher teaches two courses for which she wrote the curriculum and have been shared with other schools in the state."

"Lori's colleagues are able to seek her out for assistance whenever they need help."

"The students are lucky to have a teacher of her caliber."

Mrs. Kircher is passionate about teaching and is especially motivated by her students. We are grateful for all she does at JTHS, and are proud to have her as our March Staff Member of the Month. Way to go, Lori!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Congratulations, Mr. Januszeski!

Please join us in congratulating Mr. Tom Januszeski on being named the Staff Member of the Month for February here at JTHS. Mr. J. has been working tremendously with his students to prepare for the upcoming robotics competition. He has frequently spent his entire day on Saturdays to be here with them. He offers our students such unique experiences and has built lasting relationships with them over the years.

Here's a few things his students have to say about Mr. J.:

"He has made my high school experience."

"He teaches in a different way, so it sticks with us."

"We learn what we have to learn, but the way he explains things is different and we remember it."

Here’s a few things the staff has to say about Mr. J..:

"Mr. J. invests countless hours into the robotics program preparing students for the competitions. He has clearly made an impact on his students, which is evident in their abilities to construct such successful robots."

"The students have found a home in his classroom as they meet there before, during and after school."

"Mr. J. serves as an example for all of us as he goes above and beyond in his support of our students."

Last year, the robotics team made the semi-finals, which is the best they have done to date. This year, Team 2600 has high hopes for the competition season with a goal of making the finals. See them in action on Saturday, 3/11 at Mount Olive High School. Great job, Mr. Januszeski!