Monday, February 13, 2017

Congratulations, Miss Brueno!

Please join us in congratulating Miss Kaitlyn Brueno on being named the Staff Member of the Month for January here at JTHS. Miss Brueno is new this year, but you wouldn't know it! She has worked tremendously hard to become a dedicated and involved member of our staff. Her cheerful disposition and willingness to help both students and teachers have made her an ideal recipient of this honor.

Here’s just a few things the Falcon Family has to say about Ms. Brueno:

"Kaitlyn goes above and beyond ensuring that ALL students have the opportunities and tools necessary to be successful. She has a soft and quiet demeanor which helps students feel supported and comfortable in her efforts to make them better readers, clearer writers, and more articulate speakers."

"Miss Brueno greets everyone with a warm smile and "hello." Her positivity is contagious!"

"She stayed after school, came in early, and worked during her lunch and duties to ensure students were prepared for a summative assessment."

"She plays an integral role in not only the success of our students but to my personal success as a teacher."

"Kaitlyn has a way of rewording questions as well as manipulating language to make even the most sophisticated vocabulary attainable, even for students with special needs."

Wow, Miss Brueno! Enjoy this award, and thanks for all you do!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Falcon Pride Issues 3 & 4

Falcon Pride - Volume 1 Issue 3

Falcon Pride - Volume 1 Issue 4

Congratulations, Mrs. Towers!

Happy New Year!

Please join us in congratulating Mrs. Wendy Towers on being named the Staff Member of the Month for December here at JTHS. Since arriving at the high school as the media specialist, Mrs. Towers has transformed the media center into a vibrant, welcoming place for students and teachers. She works tirelessly to research and share current trends in education and technology and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Here’s just a few things the Falcon Family has to say about Mrs. Towers:

"Ms. Towers has been putting in time and energy to work on meaningful media literacy instruction for students in a time when they need it most! Our digital natives of the 21st century need help navigating a world of infinite information, and Ms. Towers is trying to help them make sense of it."

"Mrs. Towers makes the media center a welcoming place for all the students. She constantly is willing to go out of her way to help any student that comes in needing assistance. She helps the students with any computer and printing problems they encounter. She is also constantly updating websites and links for the students to have the most current information."

"Ms. Towers has consistently made herself available to all staff to collaborate and develop tools and resources for educators and their students. She is not afraid to take initiative and is a true team player!"

"Mrs. Towers will help any staff member here without hesitation. She will take time out of her busy day reorganizing the media center to share helpful teaching practices or links she thinks will engage students. She also co-teaches with any teacher to help show students how various databases work and how they can access all the information available through the media center. She is constantly looking for new and better ways to help students do research."

"Wendy is kind and helpful to everyone around here. She is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve research and will drop everything to help a teacher or student.  

"Wendy is amazing!"

Mrs. Towers will keep the falcon statue for the entire month. Congratulations, Mrs. Towers! You are a truly fabulous member of the Falcon Family!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Congratulations, Mr. Faber!

Please join us in congratulating Mr. Dan Faber on being named the Staff Member of the Month for November here at JTHS. As a member of our maintenance staff, Mr. Faber ensures our building is in excellent shape. However, Mr. Faber truly goes above and beyond in his commitment to JTHS as he helps out as a volunteer wrestling coach. His dedication doesn't stop there; he also chaperoned the homecoming dance! Mr. Faber is extremely helpful to staff and enthusiastic about the students and is, therefore, appreciated by all.

Here’s just a few things the Falcon Family has to say about Mr. Faber:

"Dan not only does his job well, but he treats everyone with respect. He is supportive of students in the building and they love to see him around. He is an outstanding member of our Falcon family."

"Dan is always positive no matter how much pressure he is under."

"The contributions Dan makes to this school are limitless. He is an essential part of our school."

Mr. Faber will keep the falcon statue for the entire month (pic to follow..). Congratulations, Mr. Faber. We are so proud of you!